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The Airport Facilities Council's membership is open to IFMA members who have some degree of responsibility for an airport facility and those offering specialized products or services to meet their needs. The mission of this council is to effectively address the challenges of managing airports in a global economy. The Airport Council will focus on benchmarking, security practices, business development and emergency/disaster planning within airport facilities. IFMA councils provide members with focused networking, targeted information, information sharing and a heightened marketability.

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IFMA Spring 2018 Attendeees

The Spring 2018 Conference was a great success!  Thank you to the staff at Salt Lake City Department of Airports for being such great hosts.  We had great attendance with airports from: Ghana, Pittsburgh, Dallas Fort Worth, Seattle Tacoma, Southwest Florida, Houston,  Halifax, Toronto, Cincinnati, Columbus, Atlanta, Reno, and Sacramento


SAVE THE DATE: Our next meeting will be held in Houston.  The date will be announced soon, but it will be held in March of 2019. Thank you to IAH for their willingness to host us next year.


Airport Council of IFMA awards two scholarships this year at IFMA's World Workplace 2017.
Troy Airport Council Scholarship Houston 3

Troy Donahue (Scholarship Chair) and Marielle Sand (Scholarship Winner)

Troy Airport Council Scholarship Houston 4

Troy Donahue (Scholarship Chair) and Miranda de Jong (Scholarship Winner)

Airport Council Wins the 

Awards of Excellence for   
Council of the Year 2014.

Airport Facilities Survey Tool

We would like to remind you about a new benefit to membership within the Airport Facilities Council. The council, with support from Applied Management Engineering, Inc. and Jacobs Carter Burgess, partnered with IFMA Headquarters to create a resource to gather the observations and comments of your fellow IFMA members from around the world as they travel through YOUR airport. The information gathered will be reported back to each council member on a regular basis, comparing the feedback about your airport facility with that of other airports observed. Your council board has been working together with IFMA's research department to develop some basic, but comprehensive questions that pinpoint certain aspects of airports that we may overlook - or need to support our arguments about facility issues. Our goal with this tool is to have the capability of illuminating the importance of good facility management within an airport by providing you with quantifiable data.

While we believe that we have nailed down the majority of the items to be discussed in this survey, we are still open for evaluation and would like to invite you to please access the survey and test it out. You can access the survey here and direct any comments you may have to: joshua.amos@ifma.org.

This survey has been released to IFMA's general membership, so please feel free to pass it on. Thank you for your participation!

Airport Facilities Council News & Updates

Join us for the fall meeting in Houston, TX.  The meeting will take place October 17, 2017 preceding IFMA's World Workplace Conference and Expo, at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  It will be a free event, World Workplace registration is not required to attend the Airport Council Meeting.  

The Airport Council of IFMA is excited to announce that Salt Lake City International Airport will be hosting the Spring 2018 Airport Conference.  The meeting will take place ​in early April 2018.  

IFMA and AIRP Events


The Airport Facilities Council recently created an energy committee.  The IFMA Airport Facility Council Energy Committee dedicates itself to promoting energy efficiency within the airport environment by providing a collaborative resource for airport stakeholders to share and leverage energy management and efficiency best practices and lessons learned. Our vision focuses on delivering energy efficiency in the airport environment.  There will be a web page dedicated to their efforts at:


Please feel free to provide any comments or suggestions.

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